The Government of Canada helping Ukraine in immigrating to the nation

Canada strongly condemns Russia’s actions in invading Ukraine. The ongoing war is not only threatening but also violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and freedom. On 24th February 2022, Russia started trespassing on the borders of Ukraine and creating havoc in the territories. With this attack, Russia has breached international laws and violated the Charter of the United Nations. Besides, it is emerging as a threat to worldwide humanity. The Russian forces are constantly bombing and building army bases within the Ukrainian borders
In this period of crisis, the government of Canada is extending all sorts of help to Ukraine to cope with this state of emergency. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already announced many sanctions and it is strengthening the restrictions with every passing day. 
What about Ukrainian migrants?

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  • Well, Canada is working on welcoming Ukrainian refugees who have fled war and seeking shelter 
  • The government did open applications and promises to provide a safe environment for the refugees to settle for up to 3 years 
  • Speedy processing as well as documentation to allow the Ukrainian immigrants to migrate as early as possible

It is clear that Canada is in support of Ukraine throughout this journey. Thus, doing everything in its capacity to aid the country in need. In fact, the new measures emphasize more on the Canada-Ukraine bilateral relations that were developed on Dec 02, 1991. As a matter of fact, it was Canada that was among the first western countries in support of Ukraine’s independence. Since then, the relationship has expanded on matters of security, defence, trade, democratic reforms, and much more.

Trudeau assured “his commitment to continue supporting the Ukrainian people and working alongside allies and international partners to hold Russia accountable for its unjustifiable and illegal invasion of Ukraine’s sovereign territory.”
The ways in which Canada is supporting Ukraine
The state is assisting the government of Ukraine by loaning amount of:

  • Feb 14, 2022 – $500 million 
  • Jan 21, 2022 – $150 million
Although it was done before the invasion began, the loan came as valuable aid during the hours of need. 
Besides, the country will also be sponsoring family members of Canadian citizens in Ukraine and even permanent residents in Ukraine. The following will be done:
IRCC will speed up the processing time of applications if:
  • The applicant as a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or recognized Indian is willing to apply for immigration
  • The applicant wants to sponsor a family member residing outside Canada. However, it must be your legal spouse, conjugal partner, or a dependent child
  • Citizens of Ukraine will be benefited from swift processing of their applications
  • Through a Permanent Resident Travel document, they can safely return to Canada
  • Easily avail tourist visa, approval on the work permit, student visa or Canada PR
  • In case, the immigrant is already in Canada, the applicant can extend or renew their visa without any complications
  • Building a dedicated service channel that will specifically focus on Ukraine immigration inquiries. The clients currently in Canada as well as outside Canada can contact at 613-321-4243. If you want to prioritize your inquiry, just mention “Ukraine2022”
  • Most importantly, even if the applicant is a temporary resident he/she can apply to avail of a work permit
Apart from all the given measures, Canada is constantly looking for ways to stand by Ukraine. As Canada always vouches for humanity and gives shelter to immigrants, the country has stayed true to its beliefs. It has proven its consent for global security and worldwide peace through its actions. So, let’s unite together and stand against this cruel war by being with Ukrainians.