Spouses and Family of International Students
If you are an international student studying in Canada, you can bring your spouse and/or your dependent children to Canada. You are required to submit and explain the need of getting a permit for your children/spouse.
Upon approval of your study permit, your spouse can also apply for a spousal open work permit.
Eligibility for Spousal Open Work Permit
If you are currently studying or will be studying a full-time program in Canada, your spouse will be eligible for spousal open work permit. Further requirements are:
  • Public post-secondary university or Private post-secondary university that gets at least 50% of the operational budget from Canadian government. Its rules and regulations must be the same as that of a public university.
  • Private Institutions that are qualified to issues degrees as per the Provincial Statute of Canada
Please note that your children can start studying in a pre-school, primary or secondary level without a study permit.
Process for authorization of Family Members
A reason for availing authorization of accompanying family members has to be stated in the study permit application.
If you do not submit the reason, it may result in misrepresentation. This may lead to a 5-year ban from Canada.
Extra documentation is to be provided when you are applying for various different permits.