Owner Operator LMIA
What is Owner Operated LMIA?
Owner Operated LMIA is the basic requirement for employing foreign nationals. Businesses or industries need to get authorization from Labour Market Impact Assessment or owner-operated LMIA before hiring a foreign national. The main benefits are that it saves time as well as a lot of money on the entire immigration process. Through this process, owner-operators can skip the lengthy LMIA process but there are certain criteria for obtaining an exemption.

Exempt from Minimum Recruiting Requirements

 The exempts are the most crucial thing in this process. Job advertisement and recruitment are important variables for the Owner Operator LMIA process. LMIA applicants must attempt to hire Canadian citizens for a specified period of time but owner-operators are not required to create any such advertisements.

The Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) receives the application as a business owner and not an employee. Thus, this program is completely for business owners.

Exemption Requirement for Owner Operated LMIA

Before applying for Work Visa, the following owner-operator LMIA requirements are vital for being eligible:

  • The applicant is the sole proprietor or at least 50.1% owner of the total company shares
  • One needs to include the official documents that demonstrate the controlling interest of the applicant shareholder
  • Owner operator LMIAs require you to hold a significant managerial position in the company
  • The applicant must not dismissthe Majority share-holder or Sole proprietor
  • Financial planning and investment details must be there in the owner-operator LMIA business plan
  • Should demonstrate interest and the possibility of creating job openings for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

However, one must note that after successfully applying for an LMIA exemption, it doesn’t promise a work permit or temporary or permanent residence status. It is completely a different path. In case, the business or industry isn’t meeting the requirements, there are several other programmes that will help in achieving their purpose.