What is a Business Visitor program?
The Business Visitor program is ideal for individuals who are looking forward to staying in Canada for a temporary basis to engage in the international markets by creating business connections and making investments. Individuals having the intention of making a direct impact on the Canadian labour market certainly get a business visitor visa in Canada.
Main Requirements for Business Visitors Visa
With a business visitor visa, a foreign national can stay and work in Canada for a limited period of time. Furthermore, the applicants must demonstrate proof of activities like site visits, conferences and training sessions.
As a matter of fact, people traveling by air coming from visa-exempt countries need to submit Electronic Travel Authorization(eTA).
Business Visitor Processing Time
The country of citizenship largely influences the overall processing time of the application. The applicant’s country of citizenship plays a vital role in determining whether you will get the approval faster or slower. 
Who Can Visit as a Business Visitor? Canada Business Visitor Visa Checklist
There are no limitations to who can visit Canada. The Canada business visitor visa checklist lists down all the points that will certainly make an individual eligible for the visa. Below is the list:
  • The applicant must stay in Canada for six months or more
  • The candidate’s main source of income must be any other country except Canada
  • Must not certainly have any intention to work or impact the Canadian labour market
  • Mandatory travel documents like passports are basic requirements
  • The candidate must provide valid documents that will support their application
  • Must demonstrate financial capability to support self and continue living in Canada
  • The candidate should not have any criminal background
  • The applicant must not pose any health risk to the residents of Canada


In case, of visitor visa refusal, then these can be the reasons:
  • The business activity is indeed ineligible
  • Issues with the stay duration
  • There are problems with the main source of business income