How to Extend Study Permit in Canada?
You can stay in Canada for an extra period by applying to extend study permit. An extension for the existing study permit can be applied when the duration of the program exceeds the study permit. Now to renew study permit or to apply for an extension, a foreign national student is eligible to transfer to a different study program. One certainly needs to submit the application for extension or renew the permit at least 30 days before the expiry of the current study permit.
The process to Renew Study Permit or Apply for Extension
Nowadays, the government of Canada has made it hassle-free to fast-track the entire process. You must submit the application for extension or renewal to IRCC after completing:
  • An electronic application. The individual has to submit this during your stay in Canada
  • The study permit extension duration must not surpass the passport validity
Requirements for Study Permit Extension

One can only apply an application for the extension or renewal if there is a change in the current study program or shift in the location of study/university. You can change study permit Canada for extension or renewal if the need arises in any situation. However, please note that one must apply it within 90 days’ time frame of the expiry of your current study permit.
In case, the student applies for the extension before the expiry of the current permit, he/she is will be a temporary resident on “Implied Status”. As a matter of fact, the status will be active until and unless he/she receives application approval.

Who doesn’t need a Study Permit?
There are certain exceptions who can live in the country without any study permit. As a result, foreign nationals do not need to apply for a study permit if:
  • You are coming as a family member or private staff of a foreign representative
  • You are part of the prestigious army of a Visiting Forces Act designated country