Permanent Residency in Canada
A foreign national can come to Canada as a temporary resident to study, work, or visit. However, for obtaining PR status in Canada, the immigrants need to meet certain set criteria. Canada is currently one of the most popular destinations to settle if you are willing to have high living standards.
As permanent residents, foreign nationals can get
  • Public Health care services
  • Rights to Canadian law and order
  • Freedom to enter or leave Canada always without any authorization.
Different Immigration Pathways for PR
A foreign national can obtain the PR through various programs like Canadian Spousal Sponsorship, Canadian Family Sponsorship, Express Entry for living etc. You can invest in a business, come to work or plan on directly settling in Canada. On obtaining your PR status, you can even bring your spouse, children, parents and even grandparents to this prosperous country. One can even apply for Permanent Residence for Caregivers, Humanitarian Compassionate Grounds, Permanent Resident Cards etc. The scope of settling in Canada is many. You have to match your profile to the suitable programs.