Work Permits
Canada offers one of the best working conditions to the workers in the whole world. With flexible working hours, excellent pay and different employee benefits, Canada promise a successful career to its employees. Thus, Canada has always been a favourite destination for eligible candidates across the globe to get a successful career. To work in Canada, an employee will need a work visa also known as a work permit. In order to apply for a work permit, it is important to have a valid job offer from a Canada based employer. Once an individual completes all these formalities, they can immigrate to Canada and build a successful career.
Obtain a Canadian Work Permit
The process of getting a work permit in Canada varies with the type of work permit an applicant is applying for. There are generally two types of work permits: open work permits and closed work permits. The open work permit is issued to international students who are studying in a post-secondary program in a designated educational institution in Canada or someone who has applied for a permanent residence in Canada. It can also be provided to a family member of someone who is a permanent resident in Canada. There are several other types of candidates who can apply for an open work permit. 

A closed work permit on the other hand is offered to a foreign national with a job offer from a registered Canadian employer. In this case, a proper LMIA is required for obtaining a work permit. 

Also, international students can automatically get part-time work permits under the authorisation of their study permits. 

LMIA-Based Work Permits
Also known as closed work permits, these work permits require candidates to have a valid job offer from a Canada based employer prior to their application. Also, these work permits are completely employer-specific meaning that the candidates will not be able to work for any other employer with an LMIA based work permit. Also, the employers need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA and provide a copy of the LMIA to the foreign individuals they are hiring. A positive LMIA needs to be obtained which confirms that the recruitment of a foreign individual for a specific role does not affect the Labour market adversely. Applicants can only apply for their work permit along with LMIA to have their visa granted.