Canadian Visa Extensions
What is Canada Visa Extension?
The Canada Visa Extension is a much-prefered way to extend your stay in the nation. With a visitor visa, a foreign national gets permit to visit, work, or study in Canada and gains a temporary residence status. But it only allows you to stay for a limited period. To change the conditions of stay or extend the time, a Visa Extension is mandatory. It can be a Canadian visitor visa extension or an extension for any other purpose, the applicants need to apply accordingly. With a valid legal status in Canada, you can apply for a Visa Extension but you must be:
  • Visitor Visa holder
  • Study Permit holder
  • Work permit holder
Different Visa Extensions
Visitor Visa holder Visa Extension – – Extend your limited period of stay of 6 months that comes with the Visitor Visa. You should submit the application at least 30 days before the expiry of the Visitor Visa.

Study Permit holder Visa Extension – The Canadian student visa extension will simplify the process. In order to extend Study Permit, you must submit the application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) a minimum of 30 days before the expiry of the Study Permit.

Work Permit holder Visa Extension – File the extension of the current Work Permit at least 30 days after the current permit. However, you cannot extend the validity period of the passport.
Can a candidate stay in Canada while he/she is waiting to receive the Visitor Visa Extension?
You can only stay in the nation if you have applied before your visitor visa expired. The authorities can allow you to be in the country until the final decision is taken.
Does a candidate have any limit to the number of times his/her visa can be extended?
No, the applicant can apply for an extension unlimited times. However, the system will verify the purpose, history, and the reason behind your stay before approving.
How many days can a candidate stay in Canada after their study permit or work permit expired?
The particular candidate can stay in Canada for a maximum of 90 days. They can apply for an extension or choose to leave Canada after the given period.