What do you mean by Canadian Citizenship?
Canada welcomes foreign nationals from all around the globe who can strengthen the country’s economy, but, they need to meet Canadian Citizenship eligibility. A permanent resident can acquire Canadian Citizenship by applying to the IRCC.
Canadians born in the country are citizens by birth while others have to be a part of a ceremony and swear before God to become a citizen of Canada. This is called Naturalization. But before that, Canadian Citizenship requirements must be verified.
Canadian Citizenship Requirements & Eligibility
In order to apply for citizenship, applicants must follow certain criteria. These are:
  • A permanent resident living in Canada for at least 1095 days in the last 5 years.
  • Have English and French language proficiency.
  • Must not have any criminal records or ongoing trials.
  • Take and pass a test related to the political system, geography, history, and rights of a citizen of Canada
Canadian Citizenship of Benefits
Canadian Citizenship comes with a lot of benefits like the right to vote, the right to run for political office, work at jobs requiring high-level security clearance, and a Canadian Passport. In addition, Canada offers dual citizenship and children born in Canada become Canadian Citizens.
Proof of Citizenship

When applying for a job or any legal work, you will need to submit Proof of Citizenship like a Naturalization Certificate, registration of Birth Abroad, or a Citizenship certificate.
Individuals born in Canada, or born to Canadian Citizens, or PR having citizenship can apply for the Citizenship Certificate.

What is the Processing Time of Canadian Citizenship?
The citizenship approval takes about 12 months at least. However, there can be delays in certain cases depending on the situation or the profile of the applicant. So, the exact time can differ from one applicant to another as per the requirements.