What are the Pathways to Permanent Residence Canada?
International students who are visiting and rather living in Canada on a study permit can eventually get Canada PR (permanent residency) status. As a result, varied immigration programs specially designed for international students and Post Graduate Work Permits with Canadian work experience can get the Permanent Residency Canada status.
Canada PR Process for International students
First of all, every province of Canada indeed has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for obtaining permanent residence. However, there are options of Express Entry aligned PNP steams if the student qualifies for either of the three federal economic immigration programs:
  • Feral Trades Worker Program (FTWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Although there are different PNP streams with different features, almost every student requires a valid PGWP for an extended stay after graduation. Moreover, applicants have to pass the language proficiency requirement. Lastly, they have to explain their interest in living and working in Canada.

Suitable Pathways to avail Permanent Residency

As a matter of fact, the international students can choose from the several pathways and programs that are particularly based on the province. The different Canada PR processes that you can apply for immediately are:
British Columbia –They have their own PNP steams, and graduates can apply through either:
  • International Graduate (EEBC) – Graduates from DIL with valid job offers can opt for this pathway.
  • International Post Graduate (EEBC) – The international graduates with a Master’s or PhD degree from a DIL can apply for PR, even without a job offer.
  • International Graduate (BC PNP) – For students graduating from a DIL with a skilled occupation job offer from an employer in British Columbia
  • International Post Graduate (BC PNP) – International graduates with a Master’s or PhD degree with/without a job offer
Ontario – International students can get the following PNP streams:
  • International Graduate Streams (OIPNP) – Immigration pathways for graduates in Masters and/or PhD stream from a DIL in Ontario. Furthermre, you need to make the necessary submission within the 2-years graduation period.
Manitoba –Manitoba PNP offers the give streams:
  • International Education Stream (MPNP) – Immigration process for the interested international graduates who are in search of a job or looking to establish a business in the province.
One can choose from the three immigration substreams offered –
  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot
New Brunswick – There is only 1 PNP stream to choose from for international graduates:
  • Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream (NBPNP) – International graduates with valid Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) along with at least a one-year-old operational business can choose this pathway.
Nova Scotia –The following immigration streams are certainly found Nova Scotia PNP:
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream (NSNP) – International Graduates with a PGWP who have completed graduation from Nova Scotia University or Community College can apply for this pathway.
Newfoundland and Labrador – Newfoundland and Labrador PNP have the following immigration streams for international graduates:
  • International Graduate Category (NLPNP) – As a matter of fact, recent international graduates with a job or a job offer from a designated employer can apply for this stream. A valid PGWP along with a degree course of at least 2 years is required for obtaining a Canada PR card.
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Category (NLPNP) – Only international graduates from Memorial University or College of North Atlantic can certainly apply after a 2-years study program. Finally, a valid PGWP is required.