Work Without a Work Permit

What is Work Without Work Permits in Canada?

In most cases, if foreign national wishes to work in Canada, they will certainly require a valid work permit which authorises them to work under a Canadian employer. Nevertheless, there are few instances where a foreign national can work without a work permit in Canada. Moreover, the jobs that do not require a work permit are outlined in the list provided on the International Mobility Program Webpage. As a result, if the job falls under the list, then a candidate will be able to apply for the work permit exemption.

Who is eligible for a Work Without a Work Permit in Canada?

As a matter of fact, some occupations qualify individuals to work in Canada without requiring a work permit. This will be a temporary basis approval, however, they will be eligible after fulfiling mandatory exemption criteria. Therefore the occupations that certainly don’t need a work permit are:

  • News reporter or film and media crew
  • Athlete or coach
  • Convention organizer
  • Judge, referee or similar official
  • Aviation accident or incident investigator
  • Examiner as well as evaluator
  • Producer or staff member working on advertisements
  • Business visitor
  • Civil aviation inspector
  • Public speaker
  • Foreign government officer or representative
  • Clergy
  • Crew member
  • Emergency service provider
  • Expert witness or investigator
  • Short-term highly-skilled worker
  • Student working off-campus
  • A family member of a foreign representative
  • Health care student
  • Military personnel
  • Performing artist
  • Short-term researcher
  • Student working on-campus

Here are the requirements to be eligible for a Work Without Work Permit

 There are certain criteria that the candidates should indeed meet to enter Canada without a work permit. Hence, one must indeed provide proof of the following:

  • If the main purpose to visit Canada for the concerned job is to training
  • Please note that the training must be certainly completed within 4 months
  • The candidate needs to provide written approval. Besides, it should be rather issued by the board that is responsible for operating the office
  • Any candidate who is working as a medical practitioner under licensed supervision is eligible. Such as clinical clerkships or similar types of job