What is Agri food immigration Pilot Program in Canada?

The Agri food immigration pilot program Canada is aimed at promoting the economic immigration of agricultural and food-related industries. Full-time, non-seasonal high skilled or semi-skilled workers from the meat, mushroom, and greenhouse crop production sector can apply for the agri food pilot program Canada. In a year, around 2750 applicants and their family members are eligible to apply for acquiring PR with this pilot.

Industries for Agri Food Immigration Pilot Program

North American Industry Classification System has classified the following industries for the pilot
  • Meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116)
  • Production related to Greenhouse, nursery, mushroom, and floriculture (NAICS 114)
  • Animal production other than aquaculture (NAICS 1121, 1122, 1123, 1124, or 1129)
Eligibility for Agri Food Pilot Program Canada

Industry-specific job offers from employers should have these eligibility requirements for the agri food pilot Canada. The employer must be:

  • Operating and doing business in agriculture and/or the food industry
  • Certainly, capable of giving standard wages and benefits
  • Giving a full-time job offer in a permanent position
  • Complies with Canadian employment rules and regulations
  • In need of labour for the operation of the business
Requirements of Agri-Food Immigration Pilot
Following are the requirements of a foreign national for the Canada agri food pilot program:
  • One must indeed have a minimum of 1560 hours (1 year) of work experience as a non-seasonal, non-continuous or part-time worker
  • Applicant must have a valid job offer that matches or surpass the current salary
  • A score equivalent to level 4 in the English or French language proficiency test
  • High school diploma degree from Canada or an equivalent degree that is backed by an ECA report
  • Capable of showing financial resources that support both the applicant and accompanying family members
Eligible Occupations for Agri Food Immigration Pilot Program
The occupations offered under the Agri Food Immigration Pilot Canada are classified on the basis of the National Occupational Code (NOC). Moreover, candidates can choose from the different eligible occupations in meat product manufacturing, nursery, floriculture, animal production etc.
In meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116), candidates can work as
  • Retail Butchers
  • Industrial Butchers
  • Farm supervisors
  • Food Processing labourers
Multiple occupations are also available in the greenhouse nursery (NAICS 1114) like:
  • General Farm Workers
  • Harvesting labourers
There are occupations available in the animal production industry (NAICS 1121) industry as well such as:
  • Specialized livestock workers
  • General Farm Workers
For each eligible occupation, there is an annual limit on the number of applications that is acceptable for processing. The validity of the program is certainly of 3 years. As a matter of fact, the candidates are selected on a first-come-first-served basis.