What is Federal Self-Employed?
The Federal Self-Employed program is perfect for individuals like farmers, international athletes or professionals in the arts and culture sector. The Federal self-employed program Canada is basically appropriate for those individuals who can prove that they can be successfully self-employed in Canada. Under this program, eligible candidates can get a business immigration visa. To be eligible, applicants must have at least two years of relevant work experience. However, please note that the applicant must provide valid proof of five years of work experience prior to the date of application. Moreover, applicants with experience below that are not eligible.
Eligibility for Federal Self-Employed Programs
The Canadian Government will recognise a person self-employed who has authentic self-employed experience in the cultural or athletic field. As a matter of fact, 2 years of minimum professional experience will qualify the individual. He or she can be:
  • Self-employed in their own profession for at least 2 years
  • Have working or participation experience of 2 years in any world-class event
  • 1 year of individual experience in any one of the above-mentioned points
Requirements for Self-Employed Programs
You may wonder what are the eligibility scores of such a programs. The applicant must score a minimum level of 35 points out of 100. This is the minimum score requirement for the applicant to qualify for the program. Here are indeed the points that will help you to be eligible for the program:
  • 25 points come from Education
  • 35 points come from Experience
  • 10 points from Age
  • 24 points from Language Proficiency
  • 6 points from Adaptability
Processing time for Self Employed Programs
Firstly, it takes around 23 months of processing time for applicants willing to earn PR through the Federal Self-employed program. Now, the processing time can differ depending on the application and other details. Lastly, if an applicant fails to meet certain criteria, this may indeed lead to the rejection of the application.