Work Permit Options for IT Workers
With the rising demand in the Information Technology sector in Canada, more people from around the world are looking to migrate here. The Global Talent Stream LMIA and Intra-Company Transferee are among the most popular programs for getting a Work Permit as an IT worker.
Global Talent Stream
Employers looking to hire exceptionally talented and qualified foreign professionals opt for the GTS program.
Intra-Company Transferee
With the Intra-Company Transferee program, international businesses and organizations can transfer employees to their branch or subsidiary in Canada.
Employees are required to have a temporary residence visa as they will be exempted from LMIA.
Following the position of employees are only eligible

Executive – Employees in the managerial role or managing an important department.

Senior Managers – Managers of other managers and people in charge of managing every aspect of the business.

Functional Managers – Managers who work in managing functionalities and operations but not employees.

Specialized Knowledge – Employee with specialized expertise about the product and/or service of the company.

The 1- year temporary work permit of the Intra Company transfer can be renewed or extended when added requirements are met.