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At Onboard Immigration, we follow a simple philosophy. Our main goal is to help anyone be it a student, skilled professional or entrepreneur to realize their dreams and have a chance at a stable and fulfilling life in Canada. Moving forward under the firm leadership of Mrignayan Singh and Dalip Singh Rawat, they have always been the pillars of Onboard Immigration. Having three decades of extensive experience in legal as well as business fields, our leaders steer us in the right direction allowing us to provide best in class immigration consultation and services to our clients. Onboard Immigration has accomplished individuals in its team who have produced successful results over the years. 

Our Expertise
Our expertise in this field is truly multifaceted. From Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), permanent residency, express entry to Canada under Federal Skilled Worker, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, Canadian citizenship and family sponsorship to immigration in business and finding a job in Canada, we will provide you with all the necessary assistance irrespective of your unique requirements. We have grown our presence significantly. With a growing number of offices and our presence in Canada, Dubai and India, we vouch to ensure the highest degree of quality for all the services that we offer. So, we are always equipped to take out all your worries and provide you with complete assistance at all times. 

Onboard Immigration specialises in business immigration and start-up visa. Our proficient team members are always prepared to listen and formulate a solution in accord with the dynamic requirements of the clients. Upon understanding the specific situations, we use our knowledge to ensure the fastest and flawless approval of your PR application. We offer 360-degrees support; from helping you to get government allocated funds against your start-up visa to establishing your business in Canada, Onboard will remain exclusive to you throughout the process. Our main goal is to devise a tailored experience for our clientele till their purpose has been achieved. In short, we make sure that you have minimum hassles and maximum results when migrating to Canada.

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Our Team
Know our team better! Our team consists of professional immigration consultants, social workers, immigration lawyers, business development managers and entrepreneurs with years of experience and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and services. Hence, we are always prepared to guide our clients to settle into their dream lives in Canada.

One of the pillars of Onboard, Mrignarayan Singh is a highly skilled creative analyst and a fervent business development manager. Having more than 15 years of experience, Mr Singh also boasts a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Support Services. He has garnered quite a bit of popularity for himself by supporting and uplifting different startups which have turned to be worldwide leaders of the technology sector. As of now, Mr Singh has also successfully achieved a Diploma with honours in Immigration Consultation from the CDI College and have been practising as a Regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC). 
He has been blessed with unique skills to provide just the support with every business needs to achieve milestone successes. In fact, he has been helping out his clients with brilliant strategies and roadmaps to lead them to their goals, 

When he is not indulged in work, Mr Singh devotes his time to Yoga and finding his inner self. He is also an ardent believer of the concept of salvation by serving fellow human beings. Thus, he often collaborates with different social organisations and NGOs to help the needy. 

A man of many talents, Dalip Singh Rawat is another guiding light of Onboard Immigration. With a BA degree in Public Administration and an LLB degree, Mr Rawat has a wide spectrum of experience and skills in his repertoire. Having served in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of Government of India, big media houses and the financial sector apart from being an expert entrepreneur himself, Dalip Singh Rawat is truly in a class of his own. A standing member of the ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council), he also boasts a Diploma with honours in Immigration Consultation.

Mr Rawat has an innate talent as a business consultant which he uses to guide the clients to establish and flourish their businesses in Canada. He also provides unparalleled consultation to the candidates helping them to make a smooth transition to a fulfilling life in Canada. Also, he personally offers guidance to all the students to pursue their dream of higher studies and achieve their skills in top Canadian universities with distinct scholarships. 

Dalip S Rawat is a generous human being who always stands by the side of the people in need and helps them in every way possible. He also joins forces with different NGOs and Canadian Red Cross in their endeavours to provide financial aid and different other humanitarian missions. In his free time, he loves to swim, admire the beauty of nature and travel around the world. 

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