Moving to the US from Canada
Moving into Canada may have changed your life but it’s time for an upgrade. For visits, study or work, the United States is certainly amongst the most sought-after locations. In the US, Canadian skilled workers can avail themselves of a job in the sea of opportunities. Besides, working in the US requires authorization from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. However, there are specific options for making the process simple. You can obtain different temporary or permanent work visas for moving to the US from Canada.
Temporary work or Non-migrant Work Visas moving to the US from Canada
TN Visa – Made for Canadian and Mexican citizens that offer temporary migration for business and jobs at a professional level. But an offer of employment is required.
L-1 Work Visa – Certainly ideal for executive or management-level employees for Canadian companies who have an office in the US or looking to expand. As a matter of fact, executive and management level employees can apply.
H-1 B Work Visa – Indeed, a specialty occupation work visa that is perfect for people who have complex speciality occupations or degrees.
H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Work Visa –Designed for foreign workers, families and even businesses willing to work in a non-agricultural occupation.
R-1 Religious Work Visa – Temporary work visa for foreign nationals who are looking to pursue or preach religious knowledge.
O Visa category
Temporary work visa for non-immigrants with extraordinary capabilities can apply for:
O-1 – The visa is for talented individuals of arts, sports, education, business etc.
O-1 B –Talented foreign nationals in the fields of Science, Education, Business and Athletics.
O-2 – Ideal for foreign nationals who are accompanying or team members of an O-1B visa holder.
P Visa Category
Non-immigrant temporary work visas for athletes, artists, and entertainment groups:

P-1 Worker Visa – Athletes or members from a team or entertainment company planning for temporary employment in the US.

P-1 A Work Visa –– Temporary work visa for members or athletes of an internationally recognized sports team.
P-2 Work Visa – Work visa that allows performers or groups to perform accordingly under a reciprocal exchange program.
Employment-Based Work Visas
EB- 1 Work Visa – Foreign nationals specifically working in a specialized field of teaching or research or working in executive/managerial positions.
EB-2 Work Visa –A valid job offer from an American employer for skilled foreign workers and business owners.
EB-3 – Work visa for skilled and unskilled workers and professionals from around the world.
EB-4 – Special immigrants get a green card under this program which allows for permanent residency and working in the US. The USCIS further determines whether you are a “Special Immigrant”
Family-Based Immigration
IR-1 – This is a spousal visa for a foreign national legally married to a US citizen. So, the spouse can begin moving to the US from Canada.
IR-2 – Ideal for US citizens looking to sponsor their unmarried child under 21 years for residency.
IR-3 – US citizens who have adopted a child from a different country can choose this Visa.
IR-4 – Allows US citizens to bring an orphaned child for permanent residency in the US.
IR-5 – Needed for adult US citizens over the age of 21 years during the immigration of their parents. They can subsequently bring them here permanently to live and work in the US.
In addition to these, a US citizen can also apply for one of the four Family Preference Sponsor Visas

F-1 – Family first preference visa for bringing unmarried children under the age of 21.

F-2 – Specifically suitable for the immigration of spouses and unmarried children.
F-3 – Made for married children of US citizens. Meanwhile, the parents can sponsor the applicant’s spouse and children in this visa program.

F-4 – Ideal for US citizens over the age of 21 who want to sponsor the immigration of their siblings and his/her family.