Labour Market Impact Assessment
Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is a special document that is issued to employers by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) after assessing the impact of hiring a foreign individual for a certain job. For express entry, the employers must provide the applicants with a positive LMIA confirming that the recruitments will not affect the labour market of Canada adversely. If they are unable to provide the copy of LMIA to the applicants the job offer will not be considered valid unless the job itself falls under any LMIA-exempted category. 
Quebec Facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessments
Quebec has much more autonomy for its immigration processes in comparison to other provinces in Canada. Thus, they have some exceptional distinctions when it comes to hiring foreign workers. The Quebec Facilitated Labour Market Impact Assessments is one such process. In this process, the recruiters do not need to submit proof that they have made a considerable effort by advertising a certain position in their business to recruit Canadian permanent residents or citizens before hiring a foreign worker. Nevertheless, it must be noted that the applications for this process must be submitted in the French language. Also, this process only allows an employer to recruit foreign workers in high demand occupations where there is an absolute shortage of eligible workers in the province. More importantly, the LMIA must have to be approved by both MIDI and ESDC.