What are Permanent Residency Obligations?
A foreign national can keep the permanent residency status in Canada as long as he/she meets the permanent residency obligation requirements. Since a lot of applicants apply, the selection process is certainly difficult.
According to the PR obligations, you must spend at least 730 days in Canada out of a 5-year period. As a matter of fact, it is important to keep a check on all the eligibility criteria as they will determine your stay status in Canada. Eligibility in either of the following residency obligation exemptions is also possible when:
  • You are entering the country with a Canadian citizen who legally has to be your spouse or common-law partner
  • You are a child and accompanying your Canadian citizen parents
  • The candidate must be appointed by a Canadian public service agency or a provincial government
When you don’t fulfil the PR obligations?
What will the immigration official asses the candidate’s residency obligation if he/she applies for:
  • Renewal of a PR card renewal
  • a temporary travel document only for the returning permanent residents (It is even called a Permanent Resident Travel Document or ‘PRTD’)  
  • Acquiring a Canadian Citizenship
But what if the candidate fails the eligibility criteria?
 People who fail to fulfil their permanent residency obligations can stay in Canada as permanent residents. However, it is only applicable until the authorities pass the official decision. 
Permanent Residents residing inside Canada during the decision may require to leave the country within the next 30 days. People residing outside Canada during the decision will receive an official letter of the decision. As a result, it depends on the application letter to get the final call.
Foreign nationals can also appeal against the decision to Immigration Appeal Division (IAD). One will get only 30 days to submit the appeal. So, you must take steps accordingly.