Certificate of Selection from Quebec
The Quebec Acceptance Certificate can be applied by both international students and temporary foreign workers who want to permanently stay in Quebec.
Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Temporary Foreign Workers
Apart from LMIA, a CAQ is required by applicants who are working on a temporary work permit.
People working in Quebec do not require CAQ for a work duration of 30 days or less. Plus, CAQ is unnecessary for candidates whose jobs do not require LMIA.
Lastly, in case, if IRCC exempted a work permit from a foreign national, then she/he will not need a QAC.
Quebec Acceptance Certificate for International Students
Studying in Canada needs a CAQ even before acquiring the Canadian Study Permit. After getting the approval letter from DIL, you can proceed to apply for CAQ.
For students who are exempted from applying for a study, the permit will not require CAQ.
You can further apply for a study permit extension until the CAQ is valid.