What are Business Immigration plans?
The business immigration plans aim to attract experienced foreign entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups. Any individual under this category who is willing to own and operate a business in Canada actively can apply. These programs specifically indeed help the Canadian economy grow while creating new jobs in Canada.
As a matter of fact, the thriving economy of Canada is opening up a multitude of income opportunities. People from all around the globe are interested in setting up or expanding their business in Canada. Moreover, the eligible candidates under this program can apply for permanent resident visas in Canada along with their immediate families.
To be more specific, there is a number of federal and provincial programs to help out with the process. You indeed need to see which one is best suited for your business immigration plans in Canada.
Top Immigration Streams Listed Under Business Immigration to Canada
Business immigration plans will allow you to immigrate to Canada without any hassle. Several programs are listed under it to certainly help the applicants choose the perfect one matching their requirements. Here are the top programs:
  • Federal Start-up Visa Program
  • Provincial Business Program (PNP)
  • Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program (QSWP)
  • Owner Operator LMIA
  • Federal Self-Employed Program
  • Quebec Immigrant Investor Program
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program
  • Business Visitor
These programs have different eligibility criteria. Besides, the duration of your stay in Canada also depends on the program you will choose. However, in certain occupations and services, the applicants can earn employment if only they produce their visitor visas. Furthermore, they do not require a work permit as this is work without a work permit.
FAQs About Canadian Business Immigration
Q. Will it affect your visa if the business is not successful?
Ans: Your permanent residency status will certainly remain same even if your business didn’t succeed.
Q. Do you need to invest your personal capital in business immigration?
Ans: Yes, you have to invest a certain amount of your net worth for some programs under business immigration plans.