Quebec Immigration

Quebec Immigration: Mon projet Québec

The Quebec Immigration uses Mon projet Quebec, a special online management system for immigration applications. Quebec uses this unique system to process all the immigration applications under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. 
Quebec Immigration: Quebec Selection Certificate
The Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ or Certificat de sélection du Québec) is the first step that an individual looking forward to immigrating to Quebec under any economic program needs to complete. Provided by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration, this certifies that an individual is deemed qualified to settle in the province of Quebec. Once an individual receives the CSQ, they can apply to the Immigration authorities of the Canadian Government to get the status of a permanent resident. 
Mon Project Quebec: Frequently Asked Questions:
What does the Mon Project Quebec signify?
Immigration Quebec makes use of this special online portal. This helps to manage the immigration applications to issue Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ or Certificat de sélection du Québec) for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Once an applicant receives the CSQ, they will be able to submit an application to immigration Canada. Now, they can get their permanent residence.
Does Immigration Quebec use the Mon Project system for all of their immigration programs?
The Mon Project portal helps skilled workers trying to immigrate to Quebec under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Other programs like the Quebec Experience Class cannot make use of this portal.
When did the Mon Project Quebec start?
This secure online portal began on 5th January 2016. It is for skilled individuals to submit their applications for the CSQ.
What documents will an applicant need to create their profile in the Mon Project Quebec?
This depends on the information that the candidate offers while creating their profile through the portal. Once the immigration department of Quebec processes the application, they will send a detailed list of all the necessary documents that need to be provided.
When can a candidate create their profile in the Mon Project portal?
Once a candidate receives an invitation from Immigration Quebec can create their profile in the Mon Project portal to apply for a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate. However, if the candidates need to get an invitation from the Ministère, he/she must use the Arima portal to submit an application for the “expression of interest”.
Is it necessary to have any document while creating a Mon Project profile?
It is not necessary to have any document while creating the profile. The immigration department will send a detailed list of all the documents necessary to all the candidates. Moreover, the department will send the list after processing their Mon Project profile.
How will a candidate submit the required documents?
The candidates will be provided with a time span of 90 days to submit the documents to the Ministère through email. Nevertheless, if a candidate fails to do so, they will have to send a written explanation to Immigration Quebec.
What language does the Mon Project portal use?
The entire portal and the application form are entirely in the French language. Nevertheless, the manual for how to create a profile in the Mon Project portal is available in both English and French language.
What is the fee structure for submitting an application for CSQ through the Mon Project Portal?
Once the acceptance and processing of your profile, you will have to pay a certain amount of fees. If there is a single applicant then the candidate needs to pay CAD 798 only. For a spouse and children accompanying the candidate, you need to pay 171 CAD extra per person.
Can an individual use any other method other than the Mon Project Quebec to submit their QSWP application?
Since this portal was launched back in 2016, it has been the only method that candidates can use to submit their applications for immigrating to Quebec under the QSWP program.
Is it necessary to provide the work history of the candidates as per the NOC (National Occupational Classification) codes while creating the profile?
Of course, it is very important. Every individual should classify or code their work history as per the NOC norms. You need to keep this point in mind while creating their Mon Project profile.
How can a candidate know that their application was not rejected due to the receipt of a maximum number of applications set by the Ministère?
Candidates must always remember that the submit button for submitting the Mon Project profile will be deactivated as soon as the Ministère receives the maximum number of applications determined by the ministry. Thus, they will no longer be able to submit their profile. However, if a candidate has submitted their profile and has paid the fees within 30 days of time, then their application will be considered valid.
Can an individual take the help of an immigration attorney or certified consultant to get help with their application?
Yes, an applicant can take the help of an attorney or consultant. However, they will have to do it after they have created the account in the portal. Also, you must not share credentials like ID and password with the attorney or consultant.
Does a candidate need multiple other profiles in the Mon Project for the accompanying family members?
It is not necessary to create multiple profiles. The principal applicant will create a single profile and add their family members to the application.
Within how many days the application for the QSWP needs to be submitted?
As per the rules of Immigration Quebec, the applicants must complete their application and pay the required fees within 90 days of creating their account in the Mon Project Quebec portal.
Is it possible to transfer a print application for CSQ to the Mon Project portal?
No, it is not possible to transfer a print application for CSQ to the portal.
Québec Programs
Québec allows talented investors, entrepreneurs and people with high net worth to settle in Québec. Besides, they can get permanent residents in Canada under its business immigration programs. There are three main business immigration programs that Québec offers and eligible candidates receive the CSQ. The Quebec Immigration program as it has three categories:
  • Firstly, the Québec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program
  • Next is Québec Immigrant Investor Program
  • Lastly, the Québec Immigrant Self-employed program
Business Visitors – business
This program is ideal for individuals, who are looking forward to staying in Canada for a temporary basis for engaging in the international markets by creating business connections and making investments. Individuals with no intention to make a direct impact on the Canadian labour market will get a business visitor invitation. 
Quebec Entrepreneur
The Quebec Entrepreneur program is for immigrating entrepreneurs who have the ability to establish a new business or buy and operate an already existing business in Québec. Eligible candidates under this category will receive the Certificate de Selection du Quebec (CSQ) to the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) which will allow the candidates to apply for permanent residence in Canada. 
Quebec Self-Employed
The Quebec Self-Employed program allows self-employed people. These are such as self-employed farmers, athletes and people from the arts and culture industry. They can immigrate to Québec and settle there. To be eligible, the candidate must have two-years of experience in their own industry from CAD 100,000 in net assets.