Business in Film Industry
Thanks to its magnificent scenic beauty, the Canadian provinces and territories are a favourite destination for the entertainment industry. It is the preferable choice for shooting films and movies. In general cases, film producers, as well as, essential personnel would require a valid work permit to complete their work within Canadian borders. However, there are some instances when the film producers and essential personnel are eligible as business visitors. Thereby, exempting any work permit requirements. However, there are a few specific requirements for a producer or essential personnel to be a business visitors. These are:
  • Any foreign company must employ the film producers 
  • Also, the film producers must enter the country to perform commercial shoots for a short duration
  • For essential personnel, they must be entering Canada for a limited time of 2 weeks or less. It is applicable for a commercial shoot and a foreign organization must finance 
Eligibility for TV and Film Production Work Permit Category
Good news! The applicants can proceed without a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). But, on the other hand, some may need a Temporary Resident Visa(TRV). If you are wondering who is eligible for TRV, then check out the minimum requirements:
  • Must show proof of a valid passport that contains at least 2 blank pages
  • The applicant must demonstrate proof of a return air ticket
  • Must be eligible to enter Canada
  • The applicant should have ties with his/her home country
  • Must plan to leave Canada after fulfilling their purpose of the visit
  • Have adequate funds and financial resources for bearing expenses in Canada for self and associated family members 
Remember, the foreign workers who are employed under the work permit category should be a valuable part of the production’s operations. They must also present a letter of support. The production company must issue this supporting the applicant’s claim of entering Canada for work purposes.