What is Open Work Permit Canada?
A foreign national willing to work in Canada requires an Open Work Permit Canada. The Open Work Permit in Canada allows the employee to work with the employer of choice and in any location within Canada. Moreover, applicants are eligible for an open work permit if they are exempt from LMIA.
Types of Open Work Permits

There are different types of open work permits to suit the needs.
Unrestricted Open Work Permit – People with this permit can work with any employer across any location in Canada.

Restricted Open Work Permit – This permit certainly allows working in some specific locations and occupations. Please note that this is applicable only in certain parts of Canada. So, you must check the requirements and location before applying.
However, you must know that an occupation-restricted open work permit will not allow the interested candidate to the health services programmers, work in child care, primary, as well as, secondary school teaching, and agricultural professions.
Programs that issue Open Work Permits
  • Inland Spousal Sponsorship Open Work permit
  • Post Graduate Work Permit
  • Bridging Open Work Permit
Who is considered eligible for an open work permit in Canada?
Before applying, check if you are eligible for an open work permit:

  • A foreign skilled worker’s spouse or common-law partner
  • A spouse or common-law partner of an international student
  • Any candidate who proceeded to apply through inland spousal sponsorship for obtaining permanent residence
  • A graduate international student whose study program was more than 8 months
  • Any candidate who is indeed participating in programs by International Experience Canada (IEC)
  • Applicants who are residing in Canada and have refugee status or as a protected person along with their family members
Exceptions to an unrestricted Open Work Permit
As a matter of fact, with an unrestricted open work permit, you are exempted to work for the following employers
  • Employers who are noncompliant with IRCC