What is Caregiver Program Permanent Residence Pilot?
The Caregiver Permanent Residence Program fills the market shortage and opens new opportunities for immigrants. An experienced and professional caregiver from anywhere in the world can apply for a permanent residency with the Caregiver Program Permanent Residence Pilot. This new pilot replaced the old program in 2019 that only allowed Caring for Children and Caring for People with High Medical Needs.

Now, caregivers apply for permanent resident if they have a job offer. Later they can change employers in future and add family members to the PR applications through open work permits.

Different Caregiver Programs for Permanent Residency
Home Child-Care Provider Pilot – A 5-year pilot program for professional caregivers who have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Furthermore, eligibility for the in-home caregiver program permanent residence certainly follows:
  • Canadian Secondary School level equivalent education
  • Relevant training including first aid if needed
  • Experienced in household management tasks
Home Support Worker Pilot – Experienced Professional caregivers for senior citizens, physically disabled, and severely ill individuals can apply for this 5-year pilot program to obtain Permanent Residency. As a matter of fact, you can be self-employed or recruited by support agencies and private homes. Following are the eligibility requirements for permanent residence for caregivers:
  • Mandatory experience in Home Management
  • A degree/diploma for in-home support
  • Have proper experience and training in handling patients
Requirements for the New Caregiver Program Permanent Residence
Following are the requirements for eligibility:
  • A work experience or a job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Must at least score the minimum in language tests
  • Post-secondary education from Canada or equivalent foreign university
  • Meet the admissibility requirements
Applications to the Canadian caregiver pilot program are indeed based on 3 qualifying work experience schemes:
  • Applicant with no qualifying experience
  • Minimum of 24 months of qualifying experience
  • More than 24 months of qualifying experience