Checklist for working immigrants in Canada: All the essential documents you need to get a work permit
Canada offers one of the best working conditions in the world. Every year many people from different countries immigrate to Canada to have better career opportunities and build a better life. However, the most important thing that every immigrant worker needs to have is a valid work permit in order to start working in Canada. A work permit or work visa can only be obtained once the employer provides the worker with an employment contract. Also, the employer must provide a copy of a positive LMIA issued by the ESDC such that the workers can apply for the work permit. In order to help skilled individuals seeking to work in Canada, we have prepared this checklist of all the important things that are needed to get a valid work permit. 
Offer letter from the Employer:
An offer letter or the employment contract from the employer is one of the most important things that you will need to apply for work. Also, the employer needs to provide a positive LMIA along with the offer letter. These two documents are to be submitted to the authorities for getting a work permit. However, if you are applying for an open work permit then the offer letter is not mandatory. 
Report of medical examination:
A complete medical examination confirmation report is also mandatory for obtaining a work permit. The Immigration Medical Examination or IME number is also to be included in the application for a work permit. Having the medical examination confirmation ensures that you are in perfect health and do not carry any disease that may prove to be a threat to the public health of Canada. 
Proof of work experience:
To get the work permit, you also need to provide proof of work experience to the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). The proof experience can be a valid experience certificate issued by your previous employer in their own stamp-pad containing their seal of authorisation.
Police Clearance Certificate:
You also need to obtain the police clearance certificate from the proper authorities of the country you are immigrating from. It proves that there are no pending or undergoing criminal cases and allegations against you which further imply that you will not be of any threat to the people of Canada. Also, it must be noted that the police clearance certificate must not be issued 3 months prior to the date of your application for the work permit.
Education Certificates:
You also need to submit all the education qualification certificates. In short, you need to submit the high school pass certificate, graduation as well as post-graduation certificates and all other necessary documents that prove your educational qualification to the authorities. 
Proof of funds:
Proof of funds is something that has to be submitted in order to get a work permit. It corroborates whether you meet the LICO or Low Income Cut-Off set by the Canadian authorities to support yourself while staying in Canada. As of present, the minimum fund that is required as proof is CAD 13,213. You must provide a detailed list of all your financial possessions and bank account statements for the last six months to the CIC.
Valid Passport and IDs:
It is well known that a valid passport is necessary for travelling to any foreign country. So, a valid passport issued by the government of your home nation is required to get a work permit. You must also provide valid Identity documents like copies of your driver’s license or birth certificate to the authorities to prove your identity. 
These documents as listed above are most important to get a work permit in Canada. In case, you have any other questions or doubt lingering in your mind, then Onboard Immigration will be your best choice. From processing your form to helping you find a job in Canada, we will be your immediate point of help. So, make sure you have all the documents ready to get your work permit issued. Obtain your work visa and build a successful career in Canada.