What is Labour Market Impact Assessment?
Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is a special document that every employer needs in Canada in order to hire a foreign worker. It is important to gain a positive LMIA in order to hire a foreign worker. A positive LMIA signifies that a foreign worker is necessary to fill the specific position. It also signifies that there is no Canadian worker fit for the role for which the employer is hiring a foreign individual. Thus, an LMIA is often known as a confirmation letter. 
What do you need to do to achieve an LMIA?
In order to achieve an LMIA then you need to make an application. LMIA applications need to be submitted to the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). However, the LMIA application needs to be specific depending on the type of workers you are hiring. 
There are different types of international workers in accordance to which the LMIA application is necessary and they are namely:
  • High Wage Workers
  • Low Wage Workers
  • The hiring of international workers through the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program
  • International workers from the agricultural stream
Process of hiring when LMIA is required:
If an employer is recruiting foreign workers to fill up a certain position where a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment is necessary then there are few steps that an employer needs to follow. Firstly, they need to hire international workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Once they have hired the workers then they need to apply for LMIA. As soon as the employer receives LMIA then its copy has to be provided to every worker such that they can apply for a work permit. 
Processing Time for LMIA
The processing time of the LMIA application depends on the volume of applications the ESDC is experiencing. If the ESDC is facing high application volume then it may take longer than usual to process the application. It may also cause delays. 
Usually, ESDC takes the following number of days to process the applications depending on the category:
  • For High Wage Workers- 33 days
  • For low wage Workers- 29 days
  • TFor agricultural workers- 13 days
  • For seasonal agricultural workers- 9 days
  • Global talent stream- 8 to 10 days
How does Onboard Immigration help?
Onboard Immigration specialises in helping international workers to achieve a fulfilling life in Canada. At Onboard, we have a team of skilled professionals and immigration experts. So, we help Canadian employers to achieve LMIA without much effort. We make the applications on their behalf according to the type of workers they are hiring. Also, we keep ourselves updated with the ESDC to speed up the processing time. Our team also strives to make sure that a positive LMIA is received by our clients. 
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