Yukon Express Entry
Yukon Express Entry program was started by the provincial government of Yukon as a stream under the Yukon Provincial Nominee Program. Aligned with the express entry program operated by the federal government, the Yukon Express Entry program requires the applicant to have an active federal express entry profile. All the applicants with the intent to live and work in the province of Yukon may gain eligibility for this program to achieve nomination from the provincial program. Applicants who qualify under this program may provide a 600 point boost to their federal express entry profile and speed up the entire process greatly. However, to be eligible, the candidates must also meet the requirements of language proficiency, education and work experience. Also, they must have a full-time job offer from a Yukon based employer. 
YNP Skilled Worker Program:
Truly an amazing stream under the Yukon provincial nominee program, the skilled worker program targets foreign nationals with relevant work experience in skilled occupations. In fact, any individual with proper work experience, required skills and a job offer from an employer in Yukon can apply for this program. Nevertheless, candidates should also have CLB 7 language proficiency in either French or English language if they are in any NOC grade 0 occupations. Otherwise, if the applicant is in NOC A or B grade occupation then they must have a language proficiency of minimum CLB 5. Once the applicant qualifies for this program, they will be invited to apply for permanent residence at the IRCC with a nomination from Yukon. 
YNP Critical Impact Worker Program:
The critical impact worker program has been designed specifically to fill up the labour shortages and gaps in the workforce of the province. This program targets the semi-skilled as well as low-skilled workers in NOC C and D occupations with a full-time job offer from any registered employer in the province of Yukon. Also, the applicants must have work experience of at least 6 months before the date of their application. Furthermore, the candidates need to have a minimum of high school education. 
Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP):
The Yukon Business Nominee Program (YBNP) seeks experienced foreign individuals with proven business management and entrepreneurial skills to start their own business in the province of Yukon to strengthen the economy of Yukon greatly. The applicants need to have 5 years of experience in either owning or as a senior business manager before applying for this program. Also, the program requires the candidates to have an investment fund of CAD 300,000 as well as a net personal worth of CAD 500,000. The applicants who have received a nomination under this program will receive a letter of support from IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) for getting a two-year work permit in Yukon. During these two years, the candidates will be able to establish themselves and their businesses in the province. After that, they will receive a letter of support from Yukon to help them apply for permanent residence from the IRCC. 
Base and Enhanced Provincial Nominations:
Every province in Canada can make enhanced as well as base provincial nominations under their unique provincial nominee programs. The candidates that are nominated under the express entry stream of the Provincial Nominee Programs to meet the market and workforce demands of a province are basically called Enhanced Provincial Nominations. These nominees get a 600 point boost in their CRS score for the federal Express entry program upon being nominated which further speeds up the process of permanent residence greatly. 
Also, the provinces can nominate candidates under different streams apart from the express entry program. These nominations are called Base Provincial Nominations. However, the base nominations are not awarded 600 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System upon being nominated. 
Canadian Experience Class:
The Canadian Experience Class or CEC is a special program offered under the Express Entry Immigration Program offered by Canada. It allows foreign individuals who have worked in the country for at least a year prior to their application to immigrate and settle in Canada as permanent resident. However, it is important to note that the experience must have been gathered in the last three years before their application that too in a job of NOC grading 0, A or B. Plus, they will need to have a language proficiency of CLB 7 in either French or English language for NOC 0 and A jobs. For the NOC B occupations, the required language proficiency should be CLB 5. 
CEC Process:
The process of the Canadian Experience Class is not a complicated one. If any candidate has at least a year of working experience in a skilled job in Canada then they will be able to apply for the program. To apply for the process, the candidates have to create an Express Entry profile and submit it. The profile is then graded based on the Comprehensive Ranking System and a score is provided. If the score of the candidate is found eligible, they will be provided with an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada. 
Quebec Experience Program (PEQ):
The Quebec Experience Program or Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ) is one of the various immigration programs that the province of Quebec offers. This program is perfect for individuals who are highly proficient in the French language and have gathered a minimum of 1 year of work experience in a full-time job in Quebec. If the candidates have lived in the province with the intention of studying for at least a year then also they can apply under this program. Of course, this is considered a priority immigration program which implies that the applications for this program are processed at a much faster rate than other immigration programs. The eligible candidates will be provided with certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) or Quebec Selection Certificate which will allow them to apply for permanent residence to the IRCC. 
Express Entry Program:
The Express Entry Program is the fastest and most efficient route to gain permanent residence in Canada. It allows skilled individuals who meet the required eligibility requirements to immigrate to Canada with ease. Three different programs are provided under the express entry category which is: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program and Canadian Experience Class. A candidate can choose any of these programs to immigrate to Canada and settle there as a permanent resident.
Employers- Express Entry:
Arranged employment can grant a candidate 50 to 200 points on the Comprehensive Ranking System. However, there are few things that employers must be able to fulfil. Firstly, the employer must be able to provide a positive LMIA to the candidate proving the said role cannot be fulfilled by any Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Also, the job that they offer must be full-time (30 hours of work per week) and not seasonal. Moreover, the employer must be in an industry that falls under NOC 0, A or B categories (for FSWP and CEC program). Otherwise, the employer must be in a skilled trade industry providing jobs that start with NOC codes 632 and 633 or 92, 82, 73 and 72. 
Labour Market Impact Assessment for Express Entry:
Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is a special document that is issued to employers by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) after assessing the impact of hiring a foreign individual for a certain job. For express entry, the employers must provide the applicants with a positive LMIA confirming that the recruitments will not affect the labour market of Canada adversely. If they are unable to provide the copy of LMIA to the applicants the job offer will not be considered valid unless the job itself falls under any LMIA-exempted category.