Working in Canada as an Athlete
Canada provides excellent job opportunities to a number of different athletes, coaches and staff from around the globe. However, the rule for getting a work permit is completely dependent on the team for which they are working or playing. If an athlete or a staff is representing a foreign-oriented team or acts as an individual athlete representing a foreign nation then they will not require any work permit to come and work in Canada. However, if a foreign athlete is joining a Canada-based sports team or intending to represent Canada in sports events, they will require a valid work permit. But in such cases, LMIA exemptions are offered to the Canadian employer thereby making the process of obtaining a work permit much easier. 
Convention Organizers:
Organising a convention, event or seminar is not an easy task. It also creates short-term job opportunities for many people. Thus, if the organiser of the event is a foreign national, the issue of work permits may rise. Whether a convention organizer would require a work permit depends on certain factors, which are:
  • Firstly, the role of the foreign national plays an important role in determining the exemption of the work permit. If the individual has an active or hands-on role in organising the event then they will require a work permit.
  • On the other hand, if the individual has a supervisory or passive role in organizing the convention or event then the work permit exemption can be provided.
  • Moreover, if the convention is held by a Canadian organisation then a foreign convention organizer would require a work permit. Nonetheless, if it is a foreign event then the work permit will be exempted without any trouble.
Guest Speakers in Canada:
Different conventions, seminars and events are held in Canadian cities from time to time and they also feature different guest speakers or lecturers. However, whether a foreign guest speaker needs to apply for a work permit depends on the duration and type of their work mostly. If a guest speaker is speaking at an event for only 5 days or less, they do not need to apply for a work permit provided their activities in Canada should not have any impact on the Canadian labour market. Also, it must be noted that the 5 days duration is calculated on the basis of the number of days the speaker is actually speaking at the event. Nevertheless, if a foreign guest speaker is coming to Canada for a larger duration of time to teach a course or to participate in an event that spans over several weeks, they will need to apply for a work permit beforehand to be allowed to participate.
Film Producers and Essential Personnel:
Thanks to their magnificent scenic beauty, the Canadian provinces and territories is a favourite destination for the entertainment industry to shoot films and movies. In general cases, film producers, as well as essential personnel, would require a valid work permit to complete their work within Canadian borders. However, there are some instances when the Film Producers and Essential Personnel can get treated as business visitors thereby exempting any work permit requirements. There are few specific requirements for a producer or essential personnel to be treated as business visitors and they are:
  • The film producers must be employed by any foreign company.
  • Also, the film producers should be entering the country to perform commercial shoots for a short duration. 
  • For essential personnel, they must be entering Canada for a limited time of 2 weeks or less to perform a commercial shoot which must be financed by a foreign organization.