Canada has been one of the most favourite, safe & culturally diverse destinations for international students for higher studies. With top-level colleges, high education quality and brilliant career opportunities, several students come to Canada every year for building a better future for themselves. However, there are few things that every student coming to Canada must-have for a smooth transition. To help the students out, we are preparing this checklist of all the essentials that every international student in Canada must have:
Offer Letter
This is undoubtedly the most important thing that every international student preparing for their transition to Canadian colleges must possess. Also known as a letter of acceptance, this document confirms your selection to a Canadian university or college for further studies. International students must have a printed copy of the acceptance letter since it is needed to be presented before CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) as proof of their acceptance to a Canadian institution for getting their study permit.
Study Permit:
Every foreign student coming to Canada for their graduate or post-graduate studies must have a valid study permit. It acts as a student visa that allows you to stay in Canada for the duration of your course. There are three essential things that are needed to apply for the study permit. Apart from the acceptance letter, you will also need to submit identity proof and financial proof to achieve the study permit.
Identity Proof:
Proof of identity is something that is essential for every international student. While a valid passport is the most important ID proof you need to enter through the Canadian borders, it is not the only one. You will also need to bring other valid government IDs like your birth certificate and driver’s license in order to get the study permit.
Proof of Funds:
In order to issue the study permit, the Canadian government asks for Proof of funds or Proof of Financial Support. It acts as evidence to ensure that the international students will be able to support their living expenses as well as their tuition fees without any issue. International students need to provide evidence of a minimum amount of 10,000 CAD per year or 833 CAD per month as their proof of funds. However, if you are going to study in Quebec then the proof of funds will have to be 11,000 CAD per year.
Prescription and Medical Records:
Canadian government often conducts medical examinations before allowing international students to enter the country. Also, Canadian universities also ask for medical, dental and vaccination records from their foreign students. So, it is essential to bring all the medical records, recent medical reports, vaccination certificates and prescriptions to prove that you are medically fit to enter Canada.
Accommodation assurances:
As a student, you will have several options to stay in Canada. You can obviously opt to stay on the university campus. Otherwise, you can also opt to stay in budget-friendly homestay accommodations for a more pleasant staying experience. Also, there are affordable staying options that will give you full privacy.
Medical and dental insurance:
International students are medical as well as dental insurances by different organisations. Having proper medical coverage allows students to not worry about medical expenses during any emergency. The cost of getting insurance can vary from province to province. So, it is better to have the funds prepared for getting proper coverage.

While there are several other things that an international student will need like proper winter gear, a Canadian bank account, electronic gadgets and a proper cell phone as well as an internet plan, the ones listed above are most important. Students are the future of Canada and Onboard Immigration wants to take this opportunity to provide all the assistance. We take full responsibility for you until your goal is achieved. So, have these things on your checklist and build a brilliant future in Canada.