Hiring for IT Jobs in Canada
Canada is emerging as a tech leader in the world. It is well known that the IT industry in Canada has been in a boom for quite some time and it is safe to assume that it will continue to do so. Many employers in Canada often hires for IT jobs. Not only domestic individuals but international workers are often hired for different roles in the IT industry. Through different brilliant programs like Global Talent Stream, it is possible for employers to hire skilled foreign nationals in different IT roles. 
What different IT jobs are available in Canada?
Of course, in a country as vast as Canada, the IT jobs available in this country are multi-faceted. In fact, there are several places like Montreal, Ontario, Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver and others where high paying IT jobs are available. The need for skilled software developers, UX designers and cloud architects are really high in different Canadian provinces. These jobs are high paying and the working hours are lucrative. Thus, these roles offer skilled foreign individuals a great chance to have a successful life in Canada. 
How can foreign nationals be hired for
IT jobs in Canada?
There are several ways in which foreign nationals can get IT jobs in Canada. Here are some of the most popular ways to get hired in different IT roles:

Global Talent Stream

IT sector is one of the biggest recruiters of skilled foreign professionals through the Global Talent Stream. The best thing about the Global Talent Stream is that it allows foreign professionals to get their work permits processed within two weeks. Thus, it is the fastest pathway for IT employers to hire skilled IT professionals from other countries. 

International Experience Canada

International Experience Canada or IEC allows foreign nationals from over 30 different countries with work agreements with the Canadian Government to work and travel in Canada. The IEC program allows candidates within the age of 18 to 35 to work in Canada. It is possible to get an open work permit with a validity of 12to 24 months. So, young professionals can use IEC to get recruited in IT companies. 

Intra-Company Transfer

If you work in an IT company that has a branch or office in Canada then foreign nationals can get a work permit to work in the Canadian branch and have a fulfilling life in Canada. 


To employ foreign nationals, a Canadian IT employer needs to apply for Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. Once a positive LMIA is received, a copy of the assessment is needed to be provided to the candidates such that they can apply for work permits.
What does Onboard Immigration Agency do to help?
Onboard Immigration specialises in helping talented foreign candidates get hired by IT companies in Canada. Our expert team deals with everything from applying for the LMIA to relieve the stress from the employers to apply for work permits for the candidates. Furthermore, we communicate with the CSDC in order to quicken the process.
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