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Face-to-Face or Video Consultation:
During in-person or video consultations with our licensed immigration professionals, On Board Immigration will assess your background information. We will determine the current position of your immigration status for further helping out in the process. We hope that you will be comfortable enough to share your concerns, experience and hurdles you have faced. 
Our dedicated professionals will ask you different questions to get proper clarification about your position. 
Once they get a proper understanding of your situation, they will try conceding your situation to your immigration goals. As a result, you will get fully assessed, proven and practical solutions. 
Eligibility Assessment:
After understanding your situation, we will assess the eligibility of your profile. Next comes the process where we will suggest you with the perfect visa program that aligns with your situation’s requirements.
However, in case of additional care or if there is any other visa program more suitable for you, we will clarify all your queries with prompt and definite answers always. 
Prompt Answers to your Eligibility Questions:
On Board Immigration is here to assist you to get exact answers to your queries. We will always provide you with clear and factual information. Our team consists of leading professional and licensed experts who have commendable knowledge. In order to avoid any possible mistakes, we will provide you with the right information. This will help you to proceed with your application confidently and apply for the Visa programme that will assure your approval. Increase your chances of starting a business in Canada!
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Take aid of our professional services to know where you stand. Our licensed immigration professional will lay down your options and the cost involved. Get the roadmap to your immigration process in Canada.
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